What is



was founded in 1996 with the precise objective of creating a closer relationship between Obediences and Lodges that during the course of time wanted to join albeit maintaining autonomy and individual procedures.

This purpose is quite clear when looking at the Web site that highlights not just the cohesive mission of UMSOI but also an opening to far and distant Brothers located in far away countries.

The actions pursued by UMSOI express clearly the international and universal concept on which it is based. This is an aspiration of all Free Masons wherever they are and whatever they do putting aside issues such as race, culture, habits, history and language.

The strict observance of an ancient Brotherhood born in Germany in the Middle Ages becomes the cohesive idea of brotherhood. The roots of its institutional actions and of the association are deeply set in the strict respect and observance of the founding principles of Orthodox Free Masonry and of its essence.

How can it be possible that men coming from different cultures, social strata and daily events may interact if there is no common matrix that, apart from the historical rulings of Free Masonry, offers a higher spiritual plane, where different knowledge and thoughts express a true spiritual progression

This is a true and solitary search of any human being, who being seeped into brute matter, must raise in order to act through knowledge and science for the good of humanity and, therefore for his own good.

If I know where I come from I will know with certainty who I am, thus I will know where I go and, even more important, which path I should follow”

And also

He who talks evil about me, who criticizes me does so because he secretly fears the strength of my soul and of my knowledge.

Be a man, come out in the light and through a serene dialogue we will become better persons