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UMSOI is a Masonic Union which includes foreign Lodges and brothers.

The Union demands that we give international exposure to this site which must report masonic or socially relevant news in the various original languages.

Translations of such news might be asked to the General Secretariat by subscribing Brothers who posses a specific interest for the news published.

The Document

We aim at the conquest of moral and material values which are an integral part of Man with a capital “M “. We are in fact talking not just about the person but more so as a social entity who thinks and believes.

Man has lost too many values such as love loyalty, courage, honesty, tolerance, understanding but, most of all, the ability to believe in himself.

We, Free Masons, cannot say we possess all that has been lost as we are men like others but we try and find such values in all the knowledge that has been passed down to us and look for them where they are hidden, in our soul, buried deep within ourselves.

When people can look inside themselves, when people can find their better part they become real brothers in spirit, the same spirit that makes us alive and teaches us so much.

International Meeting 1997.
From left: Br.: H.Harnold of Romania,
Br.: Kleinknecht (Sov.:G.:Comm.: USA),
Br.: Simonetti (UMSOI Italia) and Br.: Lemon (California)
Br:. Elvio Sciuba with Br:. Kleinknecht together they closely worked in order to internationally recognize UMSOI




Honorary Rapresentat of different Faiths with their presence in the Temple of UMSOI Gran Master of UMSOI and the Bro.Armando Corona past G.M. of appointed honoraryGranMaster and S.G.Commander of UMSOI
the Gran Master of UMSOI to Romanian for the establishment of the Grand Lodge  UMSOI to Romanian  South American dignitaries Masonic and the Gran Master with the presiding UMSOI the G.M.of Perù the G.M.of UMSOI the G.M.of Uruguay and president of CIMAS organization 


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